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FreelancerCoin is CRYPTOCURRENCY

FreelancerCoin is an Ethereum-based freelancing platform. Clients can pay freelancers using our tokens, while setting up a ‘smart contract’ via Blockchain technology that is never changed or altered.
Through the cutting-edge technologies seen in artificial intelligence (for price recommendations) and big data (to help build and support artificial intelligence), we can build a truly secure and productive freelancing agency.

We are building a blockchain freelancing platform with A BUILT-IN freelancer agency.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, fully-functioning freelancing system to both freelancers and clients.
One of the biggest struggles commonly seen amongst freelancers is being able to find worthwhile projects to work on. As a trusted agency, we want to solve that problem by allowing qualified freelancers to participate in client projects. As these freelancers will have gone through our certification processes, clients will never have to worry about relying on unreliable workers.

Why FreelancerCoin?

FreelancerCoin is the definitive online freelancing platform that relies on Blockchain technology and a deep-learning AI system to provide clients and freelancers with the freedom and flexibility needed to work effectively.
By solving real issues that freelancers and clients commonly face we will give them the opportunity to escape the ‘9-5’ and create a fulfilling work life without any unnecessary restrictions.

We are currently accepting +20 cryptocurrencies to buy FreelancerCoin

The FreelancerCoin Ecosystem

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We are currently building and developing an online freelancing platform. We will launch the beta version in January 2018.



Through the use of Blockchain technology, we provide protection for both freelancers and clients by preserving the integrity of their contracts. Through ‘smart contracts’ and our unique identification system, clients and freelancers can know that they are working with a real individual on a real project.


Through our deep-learning artificial intelligence (AI) system, clients will be recommended freelancers on the basis of experience, skillset and rates. This allows them to save money and time in searching for qualified freelancers.


We will employ a price recommendation system for freelancers who are unsure what to charge for projects, also based on our deep-learning AI system. Our generated recommendations ensure that prices are fair yet profitable, while allowing for more opportunities to successfully land projects.


As a client, one of the biggest concern for freelancing is that freelancers are not trustable even if they have good reviews or good portfolio. As a freelancer, One of the biggest concern for freelancing is hard to make themselves trustable and qualified one. Through our courses, tests and interviews, we will provide reinforce certification that clients can trust our qualified freelancers.


We will create a trusted freelancing agency that clients can rely on to handle projects involving numerous freelancers. Our recommendation system will draw from a pool of qualified freelancers and connect clients with the ones who are best suited to fit their needs. They will no longer have to worry about the quality of work submitted to them!

Future Directions for FreelancerCoin

We are solving REAL freelancing issues



Clients & project owners have trouble finding reliable and qualified freelancers to work with.

A blockchain platform that protects both freelancers and clients.

Identity theft of both client and freelancer accounts.

A blockchain certification system that verifies and validates both freelancers and clients.

Managing multiple freelancers for large‐scale projects, along with difficulties associated with finding a reliable freelancer agency.

A done-for-you freelancer agency system that manages the successful completion of projects for clients.

Using popular freelancer platforms can be difficult for both freelancers and clients, requiring an unnecessary learning curve in order to efficiently and effectively use the platform.

A robust, easy-to-use freelancing platform based on optimal user interface (UI) design and proven user experience (UX) practices.

Disputes between clients and freelancers often lead to unfair resolutions for either party.

Secure payments + voting system to fairly solve disputes.

Both clients and freelancers are unsure of the ‘right’ price to charge for certain projects.

Our deep-learning AI system recommends prices for freelancers to charge to clients, and qualified freelancers for clients to work with.

Unreasonably high transaction fees are charged to the client and freelancer in order to help a freelancing platform profit for being the ‘middle man’ between both parties.

Fair and reasonable transaction fees (3%) that allow freelancers to keep the profits gained for their hard work.

What makes FreelancerCoin different from its main competitors?

While we have improved upon the existing best practices amongst used by our main competitors, we have three unique never-before-seen features.

Firstly, our team members have a rich diversity when it comes to their personal experiences with freelancing. This gives us the opportunity to solve long-standing problems that both clients and freelancers face when they try to use other freelancing platforms.

Our second brand-new feature is a done-for-you freelancing agency provided by FreelancerCoin staff. We also offer clients the opportunity to allow our trusted staff members to manage their projects for them, making the outsourcing process far easier and less time-consuming. Clients can see who joins the project, the overall status of their project, and how much the overall cost will be.

Lastly, our deep-learning AI system recommends the appropriate prices for beginner-level freelancers to charge to clients for select projects. As our system factors in various freelancing unions, standards and organizations, freelancers can know that they are charging rates which are fair to both themselves and prospective clients. This same system also recommends qualified freelancers to clients, helping them select the individuals who are best suited for completing their projects.


> 100 LAN

[CLIENT] Client will get a FREE trial of our budget recommendation system (earlier buyers of our LAN tokens will get top priority).

[FREELANCER] Freelancers will get a 10% discount off the commission fee for each project they successfully complete on our platform for one year.

> 1,000 LAN

[CLIENT] Clients will get a 10% discount of the commission fee used when hiring the FreelancerCoin freelancing agency for one year.

[FREELANCER] Freelancers who wish to use our platform can get a FREE TRIAL of our skill development and career advice program (earlier buyers of our LAN tokens will get top priority).

> 10,000 LAN

[CLIENT] Client's will receive personal support from our freelancing agency for each of their projects as a special client.

[FREELANCER] Freelancers will pay ZERO in commission fees for each project they successfully complete on our platform for one year.

> 100,000 LAN

[CLIENT] Clients will get a 50% discount of the commission fee used when hiring the FreelancerCoin freelancing agency for TWO years.

[FREELANCER] Freelancers will get lifetime support from our team when it comes to skill improvement and career development.

Road Map


Fund allocation

Technologies used

Machine-Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A price-recommendation system for
both freelancers and contracts.

Smart Contracts

Allows for the creation of customizable, highly-secure contracts between two parties.


Allows for the storage of accurate records that cannot be compromised or changed.

Secure Payment System

Protects the payment given to freelancers, and the funds held in escrow by the client.

Big Data Technology

Stores massive amounts of data that will train our AI model.

Open Application Programming Interface (API)

A flexible interface that is deployable across numerous channels.

Coin Details





Total token supply

80 million


1 LAN = $1

Minimum goal

500,000 LAN

Hard cap

64,000,000 LAN


Seungki Yeo
Founder, Lead developer
Seungki is a full-stack data scientist with extensive experience in deep-learning, big data and web development. Most notably, he is able to rapidly develop various systems using his vast knowledge of software architecture. He will be responsible for developing the freelancing web platform itself, along with building out the AI system used for price recommendations being provided to freelancers.
Joonhyun Jeong
freelance developer
Joonhyun is a freelance software developer that has a lot of experience in handling projects of various sizes and timelines. As a freelancer with years of hard-earned experience, he personally understands the challenges that are present within the freelancing economy. His personal observations have proven to be extremely valuable for the successful completion of this project.
Omar Mhina
Marketing Lead
Omar has over 7 year of professional experience in digital marketing. During that time he worked for number of well known brands. Expert in creating comprehensive strategies for brand presence in digital. For the past year passionate about cryptocurrencies and emerging infrastructure build on top of blockchain.
Ambriel Pouncy
Community manager
Ambriel is responsible for bridging the cyrtocurrency token gap through simplifying the technology as to assist freelancers and clients in their understanding of our Ethereum Blockchain decentralized applications platform as a solution to the pitfalls of the unregulated freelancing industry. She is a creative content developer that enhances the FreelancerCoin users and clients experiences.
Anna Lach
Anna is our advisor when it comes to social media and graphic design. With her Master’s degree in Sociology (specializing in labour market changes), and her work experience as a designer at an international management consulting company, she plays an integral role in making our platform as easily accessible as possible for all users.
Rolands Pupkevics
Rolands has more than 14 years of experience in finance and data analytics. His core competencies include financial and data strategy, business intelligence, data audits, data modelling, data analysis and data visualisations.
Dongjun Kwon
Dongjun is a senior software engineer who has more than 8 years of experience. His vast knowledge of website architecture allows us to build an online freelancing platform that is both fast and scalable. His main competency lies in front-end development, advising the FreelancerCoin team on the right front-end framework to build and develop for our web platform.
Zachary Silva
Zachary is a cryptocurrency and branding consultant based in Florida. Zachary has deep knowledge in Bitcoin, practical cryptography and marketing, as well as a history of public speaking experience.
Among other venues, Zachary has presented at Porcfest on Bitcoin and Cryptography for three years in a row starting in 2014. Zachary also had the honor of speaking on a panel about bitcoin in politics at Bitcoin In The Beltway alongside Jacob Farber of Perkins Coie and 2014 Washington State Congressional Candidate B.J Guillot.
Riddhi S
Reddhi is an enthusiastic manager with 6+ years professional experience in Finance and Accounting, particularly accounting services, Financial Modelling, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Financial & Business Planning. Accomplished and results-oriented professional who consistently meets deadlines, enjoys challenges and has a can-do attitude.
We are currently working with a wide variety of freelancers now.
We are currently working with several freelancers to help launch our platform and identify key problems within the freelancing industry. In doing so, it will help us provide freelancers and clients with a smooth and seamless experience on the FreelancerCoin platform.

Frequently Asked Questions


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